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Our Testimonials

Dear DialMED Family, How can I thank you for all the love, care and concern you showed our family, and my dad? From the very start of service to the end everyone showed such care. We will never forget the two angels that took such loving care of my dad. I have worked with many agencies in my lifetime and have never met a more professional and caring group as DialMED. Thank you so much!

Donna W.

After having contracted with two different agencies and having poor service for my 83 year old mother, imagine my surprise and pleasure to have my mother rave about her care with DialMED. Problems that I had come to expect were no show or late caretakers, poor work ethics, and much less than adequate care for my mother and her small apartment. The other agencies apologized profusely and weekly (and weakly) promised me that it would be better the next week. It got to the point where I called SCAN to complain and asked for their very best agency with the best track record. I was referred to DialMED. When I called DialMED to voice my concerns and expectations, Chris, the owner, assured me that they were different. As much as I wanted to believe him, and as convincing as he sounded, I was skeptical. Chris called me back the next day with a plan, a caretaker, and a schedule. We could not possibly be more pleased with Anne and DialMED’s service. My mother gushes about what a self-starter Anne is; how she is there on time every Tuesday, stays the full three hours (the others never stayed more than two), and actually works, and works hard, during those three hours. She never has to be told what to do, she never runs out of projects, and she’s personable and kind to Mom and Dad. I must tell you, as a very busy educator who tries to balance my career with the care of my parents and others, a tremendous load has been taken off my back. Now when we visit Mom and Dad we can just visit. I don’t have to scrub floors, dust, change sheets, or do laundry. For this, I thank you. Mom is happy with her care, for this I thank you. I have peace of mind that Mom is respected by and looks forward to Anne’s visits. For this, I especially thank you.

Fondly, A.C.

The words “Thank you” do not begin to express the gratitude and blessing you have all been for us. You have managed mom’s recovery far better than we ever could. On top of that you have given us peace of mind and freedom to better manage our lives and still be rested enough to spend quality time with her. You are a blessing!!!

Peace, M.B.

We are so happy with the services you have made available to us! You have made this portion of the transition completely easy because everyone is so dependable, professional and patiently attentive to mom’s every need. Our only concern is while we may have the objective of her reaching independent living, she is thrilled with having full time personal help!


Thanks again for all the help that you have provided to our family. The Caregivers for Dorothy were excellent.

Regards, B.N.

On behalf of our father…, our family would like to thank you for the excellent services provided by your company. Our father, who passed away February 23 2009, was blind and bed ridden for the last two and a half years of his life. Although our family tried to do as much as we could to make my father’s last years as comfortable as possible we could not do this alone. We were very fortunate that DialMED Home Care was there to assist our family in providing our father with the additional care he needed. In particular, your caregiver Maria who attended on father up until his last week he was with us, provided the most excellent caring services.


Please thank Maria, my mom’s caregiver. We greatly appreciated the 2 years of care Maria provided to my mom. My mom trusted her and felt comfortable with her.


We would appreciate your testimonial….

Testimonial - DialMED Home Care