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Information for Physicians, Case Managers, and Discharge Planners
Continuity of care is of the utmost importance to DialMED Home Care. DialMED Home Care’s success has greatly resulted from our reputation among health care professionals. Often patients who are discharged from a hospital or facility are still in need of assistance. We provide assurance to you that your patient will receive the attention and care that is needed while they live independently at home. Before discharging a patient, DialMED Home Care will send our caregiver into the hospital to experience some patient specific training. Caregivers can continue rehabilitation exercises with the patient once he or she has returned home. DialMED Home Care will implement a plan of care and follow diet recommendations, provide medication reminders, assure patient is attending follow-up doctor appointments, and assist with surgery recovery which is imperative for the patient’s healing process. Our goal is always to rehabilitate the individual back to the health they were experiencing before finding themselves in the hospital. DialMED Home Care has been in business since 1996. We have enjoyed a great working relationship with local health care professionals over those years.

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